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School lunches

Free school meal applications

If you are in receipt of certain benefits, your child may be eligible for free school meals. The eligibility criteria and application forms are available on the North Yorkshire County Council website at: https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/free-school-meals.

Although children in Reception-Year 2 automatically receive free school meals, if you meet the eligibility criteria and submit an application, school can receive additional funding for these pupils. 

If you have any queries about whether you should submit an application, please speak to the Headteacher or School Administrator.

About North Yorkshire County Caterers

Bringing enjoyment to school lunchtimes with local, fresh, great quality food being at the heart of what we do.

Our Catering service has been operational for over 40 years, and we operate in more than 240 education sites (plus 1 retail outlet) in, and around Yorkshire. We are knowledgeable, and continuously evolving and changing in-line with the up-to-date trends and requirements – whilst always committing to great quality and nutritionally balanced food.

Our brilliant three-weekly menu focusses on a hot meal or grab and go option, dependent on the school and age, and is served with a selection of healthy side dishes, bread (for primary schools) and a well-stocked salad bar where requested. 

Pupils use a lot of energy throughout the day, and eating a school meal can keep them fuller for longer, and help them concentrate in lessons. School meals offer:

  • Hot, healthy and nutritionally balanced menus which are compliant to the School Food Standards, and that are nutritionally analysed and then checked by a Registered Nutritionist.
  • A meal that cares about the environment; we are accredited by the Soil Association Food for Life Bronze Award meaning we only use free-range eggs, meat that is Red Tractor, and fish that is caught sustainably.
  • Value for money for a two-course meal.
  • A selection of homemade products (75% of our meals are cooked daily on-site!), and meals that pupils will recognise; providing choice and a variety to suit all tastes.
  • The convenience for not needing to prepare packed lunches.
  • Higher concentration in lessons following a fulfilling lunchtime meal.
  • Creating a continuous learning environment; highlighting the social skills involved with eating with others and making choices.
  • A dining space where they can feel relaxed with friends, in a supervised environment.  

We also are proud to be able to work with you on any specific dietary requirements your pupils may have.

We promote local and fresh; with 75% of our meals being cooked daily on-site, and with ingredients from our three main suppliers located within Yorkshire to reduce our carbon footprint, and promote local businesses. The understanding of field to fork is important to us, and with this in mind we provide fun and educational cookery classes for pupils (and parents too) where requested by our passionate and talented Development and Training team; all with numerous years’ experience in the catering and educational setting. To make this more accessible and frequent, we are looking to add these online to encourage an easy access opportunity into learning about food. Stay tuned by following our NYES social media accounts for when this is launched, and when we’re running competitions!

Food should be fun; so as well as the opportunity of cookery classes, we hold promotional days throughout the year. Each promotional day has a different theme, and all marketing links to this; including an activity sheet which is a further way for pupils to enjoy the celebration. Ask your school for upcoming promotions or competitions. 

We care about our customers, our team, and our brand values; ensuring we provide an enjoyable lunchtime experience with local, fresh, and great quality food for all. If you have any feedback, please let your school know, and our dedicated Area Managers will be able to help.

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